Week 1 — June 12-16


Live Action Role Play (LARP) (10-15)

Have you ever wanted to seek treasure and uncover the secrets of the universe? Battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins and unworldly undead? Do you have what it takes to slay dragons, find your way through the dungeon and claim the ancient treasure? Step into an interactive theater world, armed with sword and sorcery. Become the hero you have always dreamed of and save the lands of Etheraz from the great shadow! Students may sign up for any number of weeks of LARP. Led by LARP Adventure Program ($535)

AM PROGRAMS  (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

AM: Architecture Series: Animal Architecture (7-10)

Designers, more than ever, are looking toward nature for inspiration. From shells to delicate spider webs, join us as we consult our planet’s inhabitants on their unique constructions.  What would a human sized nest look like? What about a city that grows like a coral reef? Our student designers will design and construct their own imaginary architecture inspired by the planet’s best architects: the non-humans!  This is a hands-on exploratory workshop using natural and man-made materials. Topics covered include: in/outside relationships of spaces, aesthetics of scale, proportion, and tactile qualities of materials, design strategies such as repetition, layering and scaling. Instructor: Estee Hill, Architect, Educator and Acera Creativity Morning Teacher $325

AM: Build and Alarm Clock (9+)

Everybody can buy an alarm clock. How about making one? Learn about design choices, engineering solutions and electronics in this fun workshop that mixes woodshop work with engineering club explorations. Instructor: Mark Weinzierl, Acera Physics/Science Teacher $300

AM: MakerArt: Printmaking (7-10)

Description to follow. Instructor: Chris Woodard, Acera Art Teacher $275

PM PROGRAMS (12 p.m. to 4 p.m.)

PM: Outdoor Survival (9+)

What does it take to navigate, cook and stay healthy in the wilderness? Would you know how to make a fire, build a shelter or find your way somewhere familiar should you get lost? It’s empowering to know your way around a forest, to learn how to read nature’s clues, and to work through nature’s challenges in a team, using others’ strength while learning about your own. Join us as we learn about the world around us and use our wits to beat the odds! Students will be in the Middlesex Fells most days. We’ll arrange transportation from and back to Acera. Instructor: Mark Weinzierl, Acera Physics/Science Teacher $275

PM: Creating to Music (7+)

Have you ever painted while listening to hip hop, jazz, pop? What would you draw while a violin plays next to you? Music unleashes creativity, and allows us to explore art in new and often unexpected ways. Pick your medium (drawing, painting, collage…) and together we’ll pick different types of music over the week, exploring its impact on our body and mind through art. Instructor: Chris Woodard, Acera Art Teacher $275

PM: Game Design (8+)
Discover how to design and develop a fun and expressive tabletop (board/card) game. Working in a small team, learn the basics of good game design while practicing the cycle of prototype-test-refine, just like the pros! Employ creativity, collaboration, and systems-thinking in putting your own twist on familiar game styles; document and reflect on your progress along the way. If you like, take some of your game online, working in Scratch or other programs. End the session by presenting a playable prototype that will amaze and delight your friends! Instructor: Danny Fain, Game Designer and Acera After School teacher $275

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