Week 10 — August 14-18


Architecture Series: Kinetic Sculptures (7-10)

Why stand still when you can move and shake!  Play is a very powerful force in design innovation and we are going to explore architecture that folds, stretches, collapses and expands. The challenge will be to create a structure that can give you the opportunity to manipulate its form through manual push/pull forces, whilst designing your space to have a particular ‘feel’. The final product will be a scaled model of a kinetic piece of architecture design. We will use age appropriate materials. Topics covered include: in/outside relationships of spaces, structural joints, forces, material properties, pulleys, crank, aesthetics of scale, proportion, and tactile qualities of materials.  From design brief to construction, come envisage and realize your deployable, animated, adaptable, kinetic sculptures! Instructor: Estee Hill, Acera Creativity Morning teacher, architect and educator. $600

Live Action Role Play (LARP) (10-15)

Have you ever wanted to seek treasure and uncover the secrets of the universe? Battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins and unworldly undead? Do you have what it takes to slay dragons, find your way through the dungeon and claim the ancient treasure? Step into an interactive theater world, armed with sword and sorcery. Become the hero you have always dreamed of and save the lands of Etheraz from the great shadow! Students may sign up for any number of weeks of LARP. Led by LARP Adventure Program $535

AM PROGRAMS  (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

AM: Hands-on Robotics (7-9)

Snap little blocks together to make a robot that drives, rotates, senses movement or follows your hand! Program and modify a robot to perform like a dancer or move like a race car! In this session, young learners will explore robotics and the basics of programming without computers. Through the use of hands-on robotics sets and other tools, students will gain a rich understanding of what robots are and how humans control their actions. Instructor: Hannah DeRusha, Acera Lower Elementary Teacher $300

AM: Theater: Writing a Short Play (11-15)

Description to follow. Vanessa Roman, Acera Mindfulness, Theater and Leadership teacher. $275

AM: MakerSpace: Wooden Desk Lamp (7-10)

Here’s the deal: you get to measure and hammer and saw and tinker all day, and by the end of the week, voila, you’ve made a real lamp! This desk lamp will include the wiring to be fully functional, and a hinge so it can move up and down.  Show it off on your desk or nightstand at home! No prior woodworking experience required, our staff will teach new students basic carpentry skills. Instructor: Marie Delaney, Acera Arts & Construction Coach $325

AM: Woodshop: Make Your Own Skateboard (10-15)

Always wanted to make your own Skateboard? Join us, and design and build your own mold to customize your deck shape. Then build the deck using a modern laminating process using your mold, hardwood veneers, wood glue and a vacuum press. This produces a deck as strong and attractive as most commercially available skateboard decks. After final shaping with woodworking tools, students may paint or otherwise decorate their decks. Add trucks, wheels, hardware and grip tape to complete your own skateboard and test it out on the playground! (Note: base materials provided, students can bring additional materials to customize, e.g. a specific set of wheels, at their own cost.) Instructor: Josh Briggs, Acera engineering and math teacher, wood shop manager $325

AM: Artwork with Photoshop (8+)

Express yourself and learn Photoshop along the way! Students will experiment with different techniques, from drawing to photo layovers. Instructor: Suzana Somers. $275 This program is now FULL. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

AM: SSAT Workshop (12-14)

While we are not into testing at Acera, we do understand that testing is a reality for students entering High School and preparing for college. Join this class to become familiar with the SSAT, and how to prepare for it — the Acera way. Michael Hirsch is an experienced SSAT and SAT tutor, and as our science lab manager, teacher and curriculum creator, knows how to combine the necessary with the interesting. Instructor: Michael Hirsch, Acera science teacher and science lab manager $400


PM PROGRAMS (12 to 4 p.m.)

PM: Woodshop: Model Sailboats (7-10)

Design and build your own toy sailboat. In this session, you will learn about the features and concepts that make sailboats such fierce swimmers. You’ll choose the shape and design of your craft, and the hulls will be made of wood. Never used a saw or hammered a nail? No problem, our experienced staff will teach you basic carpentry skills, and how you can use them in your project. Students will be able to test out their boats on the Mystic River on the last day (weather permitting.) Instructor: Josh Briggs, Acera Math and Engineering Teacher $325 This program is now full. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

PM: Woodshop: Make Your Own Tools (11-15)

Description to follow. Instructor: Marie Delaney, Acera Arts & Construction Coach $325

PM: Adventure Club (7-10)

Get out your hiking boots, throw on some sunscreen and bring your water bottle as we set off for adventures in nature in and around the North Shore.  Oh, and don’t forget your imagination, your favorite camp songs and your best jokes. Adventure club will spend the week bonding as we discover and play in cool, new spots outdoors. Vanessa Roman, Acera Mindfulness, Theater and Leadership teacher. $275 This program is now FULL. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

PM: Drawing in Virtual Reality (11-15)

Just what the name says: Join us to explore new programs that allow you to draw in Virtual Reality. Experience standing ‘inside’ your painting, and how this can help you understand shapes and forms more deeply, and see the effect this has on your drawing in 2d as well! Instructor: Suzana Somers. $350 — This class is now FULL. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

PM: Toy Engineering (6-8)

What can make a top spin faster, or longer? What impacts how high a bouncy ball bounces? In this session, students will explore, design, and test classic childhood toys. Students will test toys to discover their physical properties and explore the physics, chemistry, and materials science behind how these toys work. They will then create their own versions of those toys and use the engineering design process to improve and update their design. Instructor: Hannah DeRusha, Acera Lower Elementary Teacher $300

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