Week 4 — July 3-7

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A FOUR DAY WEEK. Programs will run on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Programs will be flexible, so students who have to miss Monday due to 4th of July travel can still join in on Wednesday.


Outdoor Survival Pros (10-15)

This is a follow up to last year’s popular Outdoor Survival program. Students will embark on advanced explorations in the Middlesex Fells as well as the Harold Parker State Forrest in Andover. They will learn how to navigate in nature, where to find food and water, how to stay cool on hot days and warm on cold days. They’ll learn to read animal tracks and understand animal behavior, and gain an understanding of the complex life around us in both the animal and the plant kingdoms. This is a full day program so students will spend hours in nature, moving around and exploring. They will need a light backpack suitable for walking, a lunch and two snacks, appropriate clothing (long pants, hiking shoes or sneakers, a hat or cap, bug spray, etc.) Instructor: Mark Weinzierl, Acera Afterschool Teacher. $600

AM PROGRAMS  (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

AM: Podcast Theater (6-9)

Do you love Audiobooks? Do you like playing with your voice, and with sounds? Are you listening to, or telling stories all the time? Acera core classroom teacher and trained voice over artist Katie Semine has you covered: Join her for this week of podcast theater, where you can pick from a number of fun scripts to learn how to make them come to life with your voice! Learn how to use your voice for audio storytelling, how to make your own tools for sound effects, and edit all you have captured in a program called Folio. If you love stories but are shy about reading out loud, this workshop will help you find your voice. If you are a born actor, this workshop will help you understand, modulate and train your voice. (Note: students must be able to read.) Instructor: Katie Semine, Acera Intermediate Elementary Teacher $275

AM: Woodshop: Make a Longbow (10-15)

In this exciting program, you will create and take home your own wooden longbow! Since wood is not an engineered material and has inconsistencies, great care is taken in selecting high quality hardwood lumber as the raw material for the bow staves. After cutting your bow staves to rough shape with the band saw, you will spend much of your time shaping wood with traditional woodworking tools. You will then be able to gradually flex the bow through a process called tillering, and then you can string and test the bow. There is always the risk of the bow breaking, so students are encouraged to follow an ambitious schedule that allows time at the end for making another bow if necessary. All skill levels are welcome. Instructor: Josh Briggs, Acera Engineering Teacher and Woodshop Manager $325 This program is now FULL. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

PM PROGRAMS (12 to 4 p.m.)

PM: Woodshop: Design an Outdoor Game (10-15)

Summer is the time for outdoor games, and what better way to spend the week than designing and building your own! Students are provided a materials kit from which they can build their game. They will brainstorm ideas, discuss the design, develop a design plan and cut list, and then start building. Design/drafting, carpentry and general construction instruction will be provided along the way. All students will use a variety of hand tools. Certain power tools such as band saw, compound miter saw and table saw may be used after students demonstrate safe and competent use of hand tools. Beginner to advanced woodworkers are welcome. Students may work in teams or individually. Come to the class with ideas! Instructor: Josh Briggs, Acera Engineering Teacher and Woodshop Manager. $325

PM: MakerArt: Watercolor Challenges (7-10)

Description to follow. Instructor: Chris Woodard, Acera Art Teacher. $275


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