Week 5 — July 10-14

AM PROGRAMS  (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

AM: Math & The World: Understanding Infinity (9-11)

Have you ever wondered about infinity? Is infinity a number? What is infinity plus one? Are there different sizes of infinity? In this session, we will explore the concept of infinity and what it means for something to be infinite. We will be tackling topics such as set theory, infinite sums, Zeno’s paradox, fractals, and more. Explore weird, wondrous infinity! Instructor: Robyn Deakins, Acera Math and Cross Classroom teacher. $275

AM: Improv Theater: Teamwork Meets Imagination (7-10)

In this theater class, students will learn a foundation of exercises to get in touch with the art of improvisational acting.  They will understand what it means to access your imagination, your spontaneous, ‘Improv brain’ and step into the creative flow. Using their bodies as their instrument, they will explore character development, partnered scene work and ensemble building. The week will end with an Improv show for parents and friends. Instructor: Vanessa Roman, Acera Mindfulness, Theater and Dance Teacher. $275

AM: Woodshop: Woodworking Jr. (5-7)

You want to hammer and saw, and build things, but there isn’t a safe place to do it? Join us in Acera’s woodshop for an introduction to basic woodworking for younger students. Learn how to use hand tools by building toy airplanes, pencil boxes, and a tool tote! Instructor: Marie Delaney, Acera Arts & Construction Coach $325

AM: Metal Casting (10+)

Why buy cool metal figurines if you can make them yourself? In this introduction to the art of metal casting, you will learn how to make different types of molds and create your own unique metal figures and artwork — imaginary creatures, animals, pendants, flowers, or any other creation you want to try out. We’ll be experimenting with clay, plaster, rubber and sand casts, and explore best ways to melt and work with molten metal. Instructor: Mark Weinzierl, Acera Physics/Science Teacher $350 This class is now FULL. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

AM: Imagine, Program, Share: Beginner/Intermediate Scratch Skills (7-9)

Do you love computer games? Do you want to create your own stories, games, or animations? And learn the ABCs of computer programming along the way? Then this session is for you! Together, we will playfully learn in Scratch, look at computer science concepts, and make text-based programming accessible. Students will also use Scratch to interact with Makey-Makey, bringing their codes to life. There will be time to program new games and try out each others games. No experience required; both new and intermediate programmers are welcome. Students must bring a laptop (a limited number of Macbooks are available to rent for the week, please check in with us via summercamp@aceraschool.org to inquire.)  Instructor: Suzana Somers, Acera Tech Specialist and STEM Teacher. $275

AM: Music Video Workshop (8+) Record an original song and film and edit your own music video in one week! In this session, students will select or compose and record a song, then script and film a video. They will edit and re-shoot as needed, and learn how to work with programs such as Garageband and iMovie to create a piece of musical art they will have forever! Instructor: Anthony Reynolds, Acera Art and Music Teacher $275

Here is one of the projects from last summer’s Music Video Workshop — original song, lyrics & singing by Hannah & Illona; video by Hannah, Illona, Lexi and others with facilitation & support from Mr. Anthony.


PM PROGRAMS (12 to 4 p.m.)

PM: Architecture Series: Illuminated Architechture (11-15)

Ever seen liquid cement turn into solid concrete? How do empty spaces relate to the objects around them? The challenge is to create an intriguing architectural form that can be cast as a cement mold and then turned into a functional object: a lamp. We will explore positive negative space in design through mold making as well as ways in which we can incorporate light into a structure.  Cement work is science, structure, and design. Topics covered include working with concrete, mold making, aesthetics of form making, tactile qualities of materials and basic electric wiring for a lamp. Instructor: Estee Hill, Architect, Educator and Acera Creativity Morning Teacher $325

attachment-1PM: Woodshop: Wooden Self Portrait (7-10)

How do you make a wooden self portrait? Can that even be done without years of carving experience? Why, yes, if you get to work with our woodshop magician and trained furniture maker Marie Delaney! in this workshop, she will show students a simplified version of marquetry, a traditional woordworking technique that requires using thin pieces of wooden veneer to make art. Instructor: Marie Delaney, Acera Arts & Construction Coach $325

PM: Art & Fun in the Fells (7+)

Grab your outdoor shoes and your love of adventure! In this club, we’ll go to the Fells every day to explore different trails, search out any secret “legends” that the woods may hold, draw some of what we see, and follow whichever twists and turns come our way. Nature art, call and response songs, storytelling, and even some environmental stewardship await you. Fun in the Fells is like the best of summer camp wrapped into an afternoon! Instructors: Vanessa Roman, Acera Theatre, Mindfulness and Social Emotional Skills Teacher, and Anthony Reynolds, Acera Arts and Music Teacher $275

PM: SEEDS: Start Making! (7-10)

Calling all creators! Make interactive musical instruments using Scratch and Makey Makey kits. Paint with light. Sculpt a character in a 3D design program, then 3D print it. Create a simple robot that makes its own art. Design a wearable computing project. Then use any of these skills you just learned and bring them together in a creation entirely your own! This session introduces the basics of circuitry, coding, crafting, 3D printing and engineering – based on Alisha’s latest book, Start Making! Instructor: Alisha Panjwani, Acera Design Learning and STEM TeacherPreneur. $350 This session is now FULL. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

PM: Computer Science: Scratch Jr. (5-7)

In this session, young learners will be introduced to the block-based programming app Scratch Jr.. Students will learn how to bring sprites to life, and explore basic coding skills such as looping and functions. iPads will be provided but students are welcome to bring their own. Instructor: Suzana Somers, Acera Tech Specialist and STEM teacher. $275

PM: Political Science: World Affairs (11-14)

Do you want to know what’s going on in the world? Are you interested in international current events? Do you like to explore and learn through discussion and dialogue, not just reading? This summer version of our year-round afternoon Model UN Club is perfect for budding debaters and news hounds. You will be able to take on perspectives of nations and people from around the world, and discuss in a variety of formats, including a Model United Nations simulation. Recent topics in our model UN Club include Human Rights, international space exploration, whaling right in the arctic, lethal autonomous weapons and cures for Malaria and Zika. Get ready to explore, discuss, and debate similar subjects this summer! Instructor: Robyn Deakins, Acera Cross Classroom teacher and Model UN lead. $275

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