Week 8 — July 31 – August 4

AM PROGRAMS  (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

AM: SEEDS: Build Your Own Robot (10-15)

Would you like to design and construct robots using found materials and electronic devices? What if you could make a bug bot that avoids obstacles in its way, a robotic pet that activates when you pet it, a solar bot, a sprinkle bot, or a robot that follows you in the dark? Explore the world of self-made, programmed, moving objects by turning your ideas into walking critters, scribble bots, or other creations you can think of. Make remote controlled robots using hacked toys, or create a robotic theatre show with musical machines and dancing bots. Bring your curiosity and imagination! Instructor: Alisha Panjwani, Acera Design Learning and STEM Teacher $300

AM: Outdoor Explorations: The Science of Rocks (10+)

Let’s use one of our great local resources to explore geology in an outdoor environment: In this program, we will be hiking in the Fells, and as we go along, study the rocks right under our feet! Learn methods of rock identification (far beyond color & texture), find former quarries hidden in the woods, and then return to Acera for further studies, and to explore and learn about non-native rocks, crystals & shells from Ms. Nic’s expansive collection. Instructor: Nicole Notaro, Acera Upper Elementary Teacher. $300

AM: Music Video Workshop (8+)

Record an original song and film and edit your own music video in one week! In this session, students will select or compose and record a song, then script and film a video. They will edit and re-shoot as needed, and learn how to work with programs such as Garageband and iMovie to create a piece of musical art they will have forever! Instructor: Anthony Reynolds, Acera Art and Music Teacher $275

For a taste of the workshop, watch this great original song & video created by a group of students last summer!

AM: Woodshop: Intermediate Woodworking Week II (11-15)

You know your basic construction skills and want to learn more. You want to make something original and beautiful, and dig in to craft a real piece of furniture. In this session, you can do that, and more! Make a Shaker-style table out of poplar wood, using traditional joinery, bringing your own creative touch to some of the detail work. Learn to work with advanced machine and hand tools. As you feel the wood transform in your hands, learn about the history of how furniture was made, all by hand, in colonial times. This is a two week program, students must enroll for week 7 and 8 to participate. Instructor: Marie Delaney, Acera Arts & Construction Coach $650 (for both weeks)

AM: Woodshop: Build a Teepee (7-10)

How did the Apache or the Wompanog build their houses? How do you get a teepee to stand, and stay up and keep you cozy? In this session, we will be building a teepee or similar Native American dwelling by collecting fallen timber and other natural materials in the woods and then constructing our version in the Acera playground. Students will have plenty of outside time. Instructor: Josh Briggs, Acera Engineering and Math teacher, wood shop manager  $325

AM: Robotics Explorers (8-12)

How do robots work? How can you make them work for you? In this program, students will start with exploring basic robots and functions, for example with the Ozobot. Later in the week we’ll move to using a Scratch-based computer program to control the mBot Robot. Then we will build increasingly complicated mazes and try to steer our robots through! Instructor: Suzana Somers, Acera Tech Specialist and STEM Teacher $300

PM PROGRAMS (12 to 4 p.m.)

PM: Woodshop: Build your Own Skateboard (10-15)

Always wanted to make your own Skateboard? Join us, and design and build your own mold to customize your deck shape. Then build the deck using a modern laminating process using your mold, hardwood veneers, wood glue and a vacuum press. This produces a deck as strong and attractive as most commercially available skateboard decks. After final shaping with woodworking tools, students may paint or otherwise decorate their decks. Add trucks, wheels, hardware and grip tape to complete your own skateboard and test it out on the playground! (Note: base materials provided, students can bring additional materials to customize, e.g. a specific set of wheels, at their own cost.) Instructor: Josh Briggs, Acera engineering and math teacher, wood shop manager $325 – This class is now FULL. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

PM: Woodshop: Build a Bird House (7-10)

Learn to build a summer camp favorite: You get to measure and hammer and saw and tinker all day, and by the end of the week, voila, you’ve made a bird house! No prior woodworking experience required, our staff will teach new students basic carpentry skills. Instructor: Marie Delaney, Furniture Maker and Acera Construction Coach. $325 

PM: Chess Camp (7+)

Chess isn’t just a great game for math minds and visual-spatial thinkers — it is also a great way to exercise creativity and improve problem solving. This program will look at chess the Acera way: from strategy to the history of the game, from famous players and what made them great to other games that can improve your chess vision, we’ll be looking at the world through the game we love. And play, of course! Appropriate for all levels. Instructor: Anthony Reynolds, Acera Music & Art Teacher $275

PM: 360 Degree Video Storytelling (10-15)

This winter, a group of Acera middle schoolers decided they wanted to make a 360 video — the kind that you watch with a 3d headset and where you get to decide where to look ‘inside’ the film, or where to go next. So, they did! And together, we developed a course for students new to the technology to learn about both 3d video and storytelling through film. Over the course of this week, students will storyboard, record and edit their own 360 video. We will use Google Cardboard to view final projects.  Instructor: Suzana Somers, Acera Tech Specialist and STEM Teacher $350 This class is now FULL. Check on registration form to be waitlisted.

PM: Architecture Series: Animal Architecture (7-10)

Designers, more than ever, are looking toward nature for inspiration. From shells to delicate spider webs, join us as we consult our planet’s inhabitants on their unique constructions.  What would a human sized nest look like? What about a city that grows like a coral reef? Our student designers will design and construct their own imaginary architecture inspired by the planet’s best architects: the non-humans!  This is a hands-on exploratory workshop using natural and man-made materials. Topics covered include: in/outside relationships of spaces, aesthetics of scale, proportion, and tactile qualities of materials, design strategies such as repetition, layering and scaling. Instructor: Estee Hill, Architect, Educator and Acera Creativity Morning Teacher $325



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