Week 11 — August 20-24

FULL DAY (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Videogame Design (11-15)

Have you dreamed of designing and developing your own videogame? Working in a small team (just like the pros!), you will learn the basic elements of game design, brainstorm game ideas, try them out with a tabletop mock-up, use an appropriate computer-based tool/engine to make a digital prototype, playtest, and finish the week with a show-and-tell “pitch” presentation. Students have the opportunity to use a familiar tool such as Scratch, or to learn a more advanced one such as StarLogo or Stencyl (each student brings their own laptop). Instructor: Danny Fain, STEM teacher, Game Designer and Acera After School teacher. $550

Live Action Role Play (LARP) (10-15)

Have you ever wanted to seek treasure and uncover the secrets of the universe? Battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins and unworldly undead? Do you have what it takes to slay dragons, find your way through the dungeon and claim the ancient treasure? Step into an interactive theater world, armed with sword and sorcery. Become the hero you have always dreamed of and save the lands of Etheraz from the great shadow! Students may sign up for any number of weeks of LARP. Led by LARP Adventure Program $535


AM PROGRAMS  (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

AM: 3D Design with Embedded Electronics (10+)

Description to follow. Instructor: Alisha Panjwani, Designer, Educator and Acera STEM TeacherPreneur $350

AM: Soap Box Design Challenge (10-15)

Did you know that Soap Box cars go faster the lower the driver’s seat? Or that bigger tires aren’t necessarily better? Join us for a week of soap box making. We’ll have components to choose from, you’ll get to design and build in teams of two. And yes, there will be lot’s of testing our designs, and races on the last day. Instructor: Adam Rosell, Acera Creativity Morning Construction Coach  $325 One spot left!

AM: Creativity Meets Chemistry: Become Your Own Potion Master (7-10)

Wish you could take a class with Professor Snape? We’ve borrowed some inspiration from the Hogwarts curriculum: Boil-Cure Potion, Swelling Solution, Antidote to Uncommon Poisons, Wit-Sharpening Potion. Come learn some chemistry while exploring awe-inspiring potions for 21st century wizardry in Acera’s Science Lab (our potions dungeon). Instructor: Kristen Nichols, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Graphic Designer & Curriculum Creator $295 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted. 

AM: Experiential Art (7-10)

Painting, music, movement, collage, drama… why pick one? Let’s spend a week exploring new realms of art making. At the beginning of the week, prompts will open students to new ways of reflecting upon but more importantly, feeling the creative process. We all try to draw within the lines too much sometimes — this will be a week in which we take risks with our ideas, get messy, get bold, and push past your own boundaries. Instructor: Anna Luti, Art therapist, Acera counseling team $295

AM: Forts, Fantasy & Friends (7-10)

There are magical creatures out there, from fairies to brownies to trolls to narcoblixes… We better be equipped and well-trained when we meet them! This program is for everyone ready to jump times zones, step through portals into the otherworld, enter preserves of magical creatures, and all around leave realism behind. We’ll build a clever fort in our nature playground (it will have all the right protections so invisible invaders can’t enter), make costumes and other props we need, design our own characters, and spend our days in a world only we can imagine together. Instructors: Vanessa Roman, Acera Mindfulness, Theater and Health teacher, and Mark Lyman, Acera Creativity Morning and After school teacher. $295

AM: Hack, Repurpose, Reinvent: Engineering with Found Objects (7-10)

Can you make a clock without using an electric motor — maybe utilizing water to move the handles? Can you design a vehicle from spare parts that can navigate a little obstacle course? Maybe you can repurpose a fan from an old computer to power its sail? In this program, we will be taking apart old, broken machines — computers, DVD players, household devices — and figure out what’s inside them. Then we’ll use the pieces that are functional (in the originally intended but also in new ways!) and make something new, creative and fun out of them. You know, maybe a remote control that pushes a lever that opens a drawer that starts a marble… Bring your family’s broken things, and your imagination! (Old electronics only, no fluorescent bulbs or other items that can contain hazards.)  Instructors: Kara Williams, Acera counselor, and David Olsen, Acera Tech Specialist and teacher $325 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted. 

AM: Science of Wood (7-10)

Once you have touched a few trees or even just branches, you already know it: one wood is not like the other! Cherry wood feels different from oak feels different from birch upon touch, and of course they all have different colors and creases as well. The most important building material in the world for the past 5000 years, wood itself hosts a world of wonders — not to mention all the things we can make with this precious material. In this session, we will look at wood through the lenses of physics, biology, chemistry, ecology and history; and we will explore the art and the beauty of one of nature’s most versatile materials. We’ll be outside in the woods exploring and collecting samples, and inside in the woodshop analyzing found and other woods as we build with many different types of, well, wood! Instructor: Alta Tarala, Acera Creativity Morning woodshop coach $325

PM PROGRAMS (12 to 4 p.m.)

PM: Afternoon 12:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.

PM: SEEDS: Enchanted Electronics & Crystals (10-15)

What happens when crystal beads and circuits come together? Magic. Explore the properties of light — such as reflection and refraction — while creating with both crystals and lights. You can make the coolest designer lamp or chandelier, or something else entirely. One of our students made a glowing crystal-enhanced tree! You bring your ideas, we’ll show you how to make them come alive. Instructor: Kristen Nichols, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Graphic Designer & Curriculum Creator $350 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted.

PM: SEEDS: DIY Business Design (8-12)

What is entrepreneurial thinking and design thinking? From an idea to a commercial product, this camp will explore creative design opportunities through handmade business design. We will focus on both utilitarian and hedonic DIY products. You will get introduced to 3D modeling and 3D printing tools to prototype unique products. In particular, we will design products that utilize molding and casting as part of the fabrication process such as toys, chocolate, and soap bars. We will create three-dimensional digital models using Tinkercad, a 3D computer-aided design interface and then make customized molds with thermoplastic resins. Further, we will investigate branding and packaging strategies for products followed by designing logos and packaging with computer-aided design. Instructor: Alisha Panjwani, Designer, Educator and Acera STEM TeacherPreneur $350 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted. 

PM: Physics of Projectiles (8+)

Do you like to shoot hoops? Do you like to throw balls? Have you wondered why different objects fly differently? Or maybe it just looks like they do? In this session, you will build a (safe!) projectile shooter of your choice (think woodwork, PVC pipes and foam balls) and start shooting balls to study their trajectory, and the role gravity plays in how projectiles move (or should we say, fall?) Who said physics couldn’t be fun? (Students who have taken this class before and would like to improve their designs or build a new shooter welcome!) Instructor: Adam Rosell, Acera Creativity Morning construction coach. $325

PM: Dip, Dye, Dunk, Dress: Fun with Fiber Art (7-10)

Ready to get messy with fabrics & colors? Let’s taking sowing and making things out of fabrics to a whole new level. We’ll try out dies and fun ways to alter our fabrics, then make clothes, cloaks, coats and more out of them. By the end of the week, you’ll be able to wear your own art! Instructor: Anna Luti, Acera counseling team $325 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted.

PM: Woodworking Jr. (6-8)

You want to hammer and saw, and build things, but there isn’t a safe place to do it? Join us in Acera’s woodshop for an introduction to basic woodworking for younger students. Learn how to use hand tools by building toy airplanes, pencil boxes, and a tool tote! Instructor: Alta Tarala, Acera Arts & Construction Coach $350 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted.


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