Week 9 — August 6-10


Make Your Own Pinball Machine (8+)

The title says it all: You’ll get to spend the mornings with Ms. Marie in the woodshop designing and constructing your own working pinball machine. In the afternoons after recess, you’ll switch to the SEEDS Studiolab to work with Ms. Alisha, designing and making the wiring, lighting and other electronic components you might like in your machine. The best of both worlds! We can’t wait to see what you’ll make. Instructors: Marie Delaney, Acera Woodshop teacher and MS mentor, and Alisha Panjwani, Designer, Educator and Acera STEM TeacherPreneur  $650 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted. 

Shadow & Light Photography (10-15) 

In this course, we’ll focus on the physics of image making (lens construction, focal length, aperture, exposure time), composition with shadows, and the lighting variables that impact shadow forms (for example, whether light is filtered, direct, or bounced; proximate or remote, etc.). Students will build and cultivate portfolios while working in a variety of settings, including indoors with studio lights and outdoors in natural light — and through post-production editing in Photoshop. We will also examine the medium’s ambiguous relationship to the fine art world, and survey some influential photographers. You will have opportunities to build your own art statement to accompany your portfolio. (Students should bring their own DSLR camera. We have a limited number of cameras available to rent, please inquire via summercamp@aceraschool.org) Instructor: David Alsdorf, TUFTS Center for Engineering Education and Outreach teacher, researcher, curriculum developer and artist $575 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted.

AM PROGRAMS  (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

AM: Design Lab: Wearables to Track Health & Wellbeing (12-17)

Welcome to the Acera Incubator. Join us this summer for this unique product design & development experience. Use design thinking to hack some existing, health-tracking wearables, or create your own. Learn about Skin-Intelligence, and explore how it might be used to better understand people’s health. The skin is a complex, multilayered system that holds our body together — it is our largest body organ that not only protects us against heat and light, injury, and infection but also serves as a knowledge gathering device, responds to heat, cold, pleasure and pain. We will explore properties of the human body such as electrodermal activity (EDA), which causes continuous variation in the electrical characteristics of the skin. You will be introduced to physical computing, experimenting with health sensors and trackers, and designing and prototyping an actual product. Who knows what you might invent? Instructor: Alisha Panjwani, Designer, Educator and Acera STEM TeacherPreneur $425

AM: Architecture: Build an Origami-Inspired Chair (11-15)

How would you design a chair? Simple problems can have complex solutions. Design and build a modular chair inspired by origami and using renewable resources. In this class you’ll learn 3D design principles to imagine your own chair and to construct and finish it with renewable materials. Instructor: Estee Hill

AM: Drawing & Sculpting in 3D and VR (10-14)

Imagine you can draw not just on the piece of paper in front of you, but all around you. You can paint a house, and then make it bigger and walk inside to draw a living room, a kitchen, the family dog. It’s called 3D drawing, and made possible by VR technology. Join us during vacation week to try it out: Learn about how Virtual Reality works, and how you can use it to draw and create art in entirely new ways. No prior experience required. Instructor: Gus Halwani, Ph.D., Acera Director of Research and Mark Lyman, Acera Creativity Morning and Afterschool Coach  $395


AM: SEEDS: Start Making (7-10)

Calling all creators! Make interactive musical instruments using Scratch and Makey Makey kits. Paint with light. Sculpt a character in a 3D design program, then 3D print it. Create a simple robot that makes its own art. Design a wearable computing project. Then use any of these skills you just learned and bring them together in a creation entirely your own! This session introduces the basics of circuitry, coding, crafting, 3D printing and engineering – based on Alisha’s latest book, Start Making! This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted. 

AM: School of Rock (7-10)

Play African percussion, jam on the drums, keys, bass, xylophone or guitar, or grab the mic as we play your favorite songs. This camp is all about learning to play in an ensemble, listening to each other and playing as one. Prior instrument experience not necessary, but if you have an instrument you play and want to jam with other young musicians, this camp is for you, too! Instructor: Anthony Reynolds, Acera Artist in Residence and Art Teacher $295

AM: World Jewelry Workshop (7-10)

Jewels, gems, and jade. Bronze, brass, and beads. How have cultures around the world thought of jewelry? Based on religion, environment, and rituals, cultures around the world use a spectrum of motifs and materials for bodily adornment. Come explore the world through the jewelry of its occupants, and find inspiration to make jewelry of your own! Instructor: Vered Brooks, Acera Cross-Classroom Teacher $295


PM PROGRAMS (12 to 4 p.m.)

PM: Intro to Programming in VR (12-17)

Are you interested in Virtual Reality, the technology and the principles behind it, such as optics, displays, tracking and major hardware platforms? Would you like to learn how to program a VR application? In this one-week class, students will learn how to design a virtual room and create a game in it. Next to learning about Virtual Reality and Programming for VR, students will be challenged to collaborate, investigate and create in teams, similar to how app developers work in the real world. Prior programming experience not required but a plus. Instructor: Gus Halwani, Ph.D., Director of Research, Acera School $425

PM: Debate Club (10-15)

Debates are an important part of the political process (not just in an election year) but for some, they are also a team sport: You research an argument, then you use your creativity, logical thinking and powers of persuasion to argue – nope, not what you think, but both sides of the issue! In this program, you will improve your public speaking and research skills as you deeply explore topics in current affairs, and learn how to present an argument convincingly and concisely within a time limit (2-4 minutes!) You will learn how others think about an issue, and take many perspectives that help you understand and communicate effectively in a global society. Instructor: Vered Brooks, Acera Middle School teacher $295 This program is now FULL. Choose this class on the registration form if you would like to be waitlisted.

PM: Young Explorers: Lights and the Cosmos (8-12)

Have you ever wondered how scientists learn about far away planets and stars? How those neon signs in front of stores work? In this session, we’ll explore the mysteries of space, while learning about chemistry and electromagnetic radiation. We’ll do experiments that will change the way you think about the universe! Instructor: Chris Dale, Acera afterschool and Creativity Morning teacher $325

PM: Music Production: Make YO Album in a Week (8+)

Unleash your inner music superstar (sunglasses not included)! A creative explosion will ensue as we squeeze the creative process of creating an original album of music in one week. Campers will focus on the art of collaboration as they handle every aspect of releasing a complete artistic product into the world. Conceptualize, compose music and lyrics, learn recording and editing software, plan, create an album artwork, and participate in an end-of-the-week album release concert! Instructor: Anthony Reynolds, Musician, Acera Artist in Residence and Art Teacher $295

PM: Biology through Play: Systems of the Human Body (7-9)

How do our body parts work together? What is the immune system? How do our heart and lungs work together to help us stay alive? In this session, students will explore different systems of the body, including the skeletal, muscular, sensory, and immune systems, through games and exploration and will practice diagnosing and “treating” common ailments. Ana Luti, Acera counseling team $295

PM: Biomimicry in Architecture: design & Build Like Nature (7-10)

Nature is loaded with beautifully packaged structures that we can use as inspiration to create novel designs. In this workshop, you will design and build a light fixture inspired by organic forms found in flora and architecture structures. To kick off our biomimicry exploration we will do basic plant dissection in the studio and look at ways in which designers have made the leap from natural object to a refined product made for man. You will be guided through the design process and learn some useful construction tricks along the way. For this project, your pallet includes cardstock, vellum, paper, flexible plywood sheets, balsa wood, reed.  Allow your imagination to bloom, create your own unique light fitting! Instructor: Estee Hill, architect, educator and Acera cross classroom teacher $350

PM: Woodshop: Wooden Games (7-10)

Learn woodworking or improve your skills while making a Pucket slingshot hockey board! Students will use basic woodshop tools and learn how to plan and carry out their project. No prior woodworking experience required. Instructor: Marie Delaney, Acera Arts & Construction Coach $350

PM: Design & Build a LEGO World (6-9)

This session is a Lego builders dream: a mountain of Legos, friends to build with, and an entire week to go about it! Join us as we design and build our own Lego world. It can include anything you want: a town center, a mall and a football stadium; a part where the magical creatures live, a mountain range with wild animals… We’ll work alone and in teams, and learn about design principles, teamwork and how to best communicate our ideas as we build. Who knows, maybe we’ll even make a little movie or stop motion animation in our creation! Instructor: Mark Lyman, Acera Creativity Morning and Afterschool Coach    $295


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